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Service Business Functions Go-Live

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

A leading manufacturer of machine tool accessories spread across ASIA and EUROPE,

have Implemented Infor ERPLN 10.4 across its sites in India.

Company has after sales revenue and warranties which were essential to be handled by the organization. They have been managing the following functions manually outside ERPLN

  1. Warranties

  2. Preventive Maintenance

  3. Deport Repairs

  4. Subcontracting services etc.

nicheBees was given a situation which the company was facing in aftersales service domain and asked to come up with solution.

The journey started with that company by demonstrating following critical factors

Today we are proud and excited to share that company has gone Live on its Service module covering the following Business functions

  1. Preventive Maintenance

  2. Subcontracting Service

  3. External and Internal Repairs

  4. Warranties and Maintenance Sales orders etc.

What did company gain by implementing these Business Functions?

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